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Los Fresnos High School football dates back to 1930, when the Falcons competed in six-man football until 1948. LFHS began playing at the Class B level in 1949, Class A in 1952, Class 2A in 1957, Class 3A in 1980, and Class 4A in 1982, which was the highest classification at the time. The Falcons have played at the state’s highest classification since, moving to Class 5A and now Class 6A.


LFHS won its playoff game in school history in 2002 and have been very competitive in the Rio Grande Valley since. Five Falcon student-athletes received NCAA Division I scholarships from 2006 to 2008, and three more – Brandon Colon (Navy) in 2014, Michael Mendez (Purdue) in 2015, and Nicholas Valencia (Columbia) in 2019 – received Division I scholarships since 2010.