Concussion Information

concussion meme
According to the Center for Disease Control, it is estimated that between 1.6 and 3.8 million concussions occur in sports and recreational activities annually. In accordance with Texas State law, the Los Fresnos Sports Medicine Team in conjunction with the Concussion Oversight Team (COT) has developed and implemented a concussion management protocol that is consistent with current standards of care and appropriate medical practice for student-athletes who suffer a concussion in sports. The following guidelines are designed to facilitate a safe return to athletic activities for the student-athletes of Los Fresnos CISD.


In the event a student athlete is suspected of sustaining a concussion, the following
actions will be taken:

  1. The student-athlete will be removed from athletic participation immediately.

  2. He or she will be evaluated by a Los Fresnos CISD Licensed Athletic Trainer and referred to a Licensed Physician.

  3. After being released by a Licensed Physician, the student-athlete will be progressed through a graduated five- day Return To Play protocol which is tailored specifically for their sport.

  4. Upon completion of the Return to Play Protocol and with written clearance from a Licensed Physician, athletic trainer and parent, the student-athlete will be released to full participation.

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