Student-athletes use Zoom sessions to stay in shape

Coaches and student-athletes everywhere are doing the best they can to stay in shape under the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
With UIL limits of two hours per day Monday through Friday of sport-specific training through September 7, Los Fresnos High School and Los Fresnos United student-athletes are staying in shape with virtual conditioning workouts on Zoom with coaches.
"It's all we can do for right now," said Patrick Brown, head football coach and athletic director. "Our kids are dedicated to staying focused and in shape for the start of athletics again."
Students will not come to their campuses until the first class day Tuesday, September 8. Football season will not begin until Oct. 23 and volleyball season will not begin until Oct. 24. Other fall sports such as cross-country and team tennis have not been affected.
Until the time students return Sept. 8, all coaches can do is conduct Zoom sessions with their student-athletes.
The football Falcons have gone through Zoom workouts for several weeks. Sixty-five football student-athletes participated in a Zoom workout Aug. 18, led by assistant coach Jaime Vela. Several other coaches also participated.
The student-athletes went through a range of rapid-fire conditioning drills with repetitions, including jogging, high knee kicks, side lunges, pistol squats, pillar rolls, simple leg bounding in place, and others.
The student-athletes set their mobile devices down and pointed toward them during the session. They were in different locations at home – bedrooms, living rooms, back patios, garages, and driveways.
Coaches were also at home or in different locations. At one point, Vela had to step away from leading the drills so that he could silence his barking dog.
Most of the comments from coaches were positive with several "Atta boy," "Way to go," "Go get them," and others. Some of the encouraging comments were "Drive that knee when you jump," "You're slacking today," and "Don't try to get out of the picture!"
The session concluded with stretching exercises led by trainer Oscar Garza.